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  • 01-Apr-2021

    Two new UK government papers show how the UK’s armed forces and the country’s wider defence industrial community will strive to win electromagnetic supremacy in future wars. Originally scheduled for publication in early 2020 the UK Government’s review of foreign and security policy entitled Global Britain in a Competitive Age finally hit the streets on […]

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  • 01-Apr-2021

    Elettronica launched the world’s first online electromagnetic spectrum encyclopedia in late March. We caught up with the company’s CEO Enzo Benigni to talk about this important publication. The Italian electronic warfare house is 70 years old and as part of its celebrations, the company has launched the world’s first online, searchable encyclopedia, known as the […]

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  • 01-Apr-2021

    Israel Aerospace Industries has launched a new airborne COMINT system which uses innovative Vector Sensing Antenna techniques to find emitters. Launched in mid-February the EL/K-7065VU ComDart is the latest Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Electronic Support Measure (ESM) to grace the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) stable. Covering very/ultra high frequency wavebands of 30 megahertz/MHz to three gigahertz, […]

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