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First-Time Exhibitors


Are you new to AOC Europe?

If you are a first-time exhibitor at AOC Europe, or to exhibitions in general, we offer a subsidised package which not only is great value for money but also includes all the essentials you need for your stand. This allows you to enjoy a stress-free experience.

How your company can participate at the show?


What are the benefits?

AOC Europe offers a great opportunity for first-time exhibitors to showcase their solutions without going through the hassle of designing a stand. The value of this offering is hugely appreciated and supported by companies who brand new to the show and sometimes exhibitions in general.

Browse through the top benefits of the first-time exhibitor package below.

All stand essentials

Walling, panels, carpet, power, furniture and waste disposal are included in your package

Digital exposure

Increased online presence through our website and digital channels

Stress-free experience

Showcase your solutions without going through the hassle of designing a stand

Operational help

Rely on a rapid response to your questions from our award-winning operations team

Great value for money

We provide a subsidised cost with no extra fees, making it great value for money

Increased ROI

Increase your ROI at the show with our ongoing exhibitor care programme

Already an exhibitor?

If you are already an exhibitor at the show and you want to learn how you can expand your organisation’s visibility at AOC Europe 2024, we have a variety of sponsorship options available. 

Sponsorship opportunities