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2024 Conference Theme


Alliances and Collaboration in Supporting Multi-Domain Electromagnetic Warfare Operations

At every AOC Europe, world-leading experts from the military, government, academia and industry, gather under one roof.

The complexity of multi-domain operations and the integration required across these domains to control and dominate the electro-magnetic spectrum present significant challenges. Alliances between countries and collaboration across academia, industry and the military are essential elements in achieving these complex goals. AOC Europe 2024 will address these challenges by examining some of the political, military, industrial and technological aspects affecting multi-domain spectrum operations. Topics will include the expansion of NATO capabilities in the Arctic region, AI applications in EW, the hypersonic threat, the increasing role for satellites in EMSO and the rapid evolution of drone applications in the electromagnetic battlefield.

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Key areas: Conference topics

Throughout the two days of content, we will investigate the current challenges and future opportunities pertaining to three key areas:

  • Science & Technology
  • EW in the Field
  • Conference Emphasis Topics

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Now open: 2024 Speaker applications

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Paper submission deadline: Friday 15 December 2023

Building on 2023

The theme of our last conference was "Achieving Multi-Domain Integration". The importance of capability integration across all operating domains (land, sea, air, space and the electromagnetic spectrum), industry, intelligence services and governments cannot be over-emphasised or underestimated. The awareness and understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), its properties, and the need to command and control effects within it, are necessary to fully plan, manage and operate across all domains

Across the conference days, we examined the political, strategic, operational, technological, and implementation aspects in achieving an integrated approach to multi-domain operations and EMS superiority.