Conference Theme


Theme: Achieving Multi-Domain Integration

At AOC Europe 2023 we look forward to bringing together world-leading experts from the military, government, academia and industry under one roof.

Delegates will progress their understanding of the issues, technology and capabilities that underpin their national electronic warfare abilities and allow them to enhance their capabilities both nationally and in collaborative defence.

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Background information

The theme of our 2023 conference is "Achieving Multi-Domain Integration". The importance of capability integration across all operating domains (land, sea, air, space and the electromagnetic spectrum), industry, intelligence services and governments cannot be over-emphasised or underestimated. The awareness and understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), its properties, and the need to command and control effects within it, are necessary to fully plan, manage and operate across all domains

Across the two conference days, we will examine political, strategic, operational, technological, and implementation aspects in achieving an integrated approach to multi-domain operations and EMS superiority.

Conference sessions

Addressing the overarching theme of Achieving Multi-Domain Integration , we are looking for technical and operational papers from industry, academia, and government departments for the following conference sessions:
  • EW in the Space Domain
  • Current Threat Analysis and Lessons Learnt
  • Multi-Domain Test and Evaluation
  • Advanced Technologies in EW and Cyber Across All Domains

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EW in the Space Domain

The session will include the roles of satellites in electromagnetic warfare with consideration to multi-domain operations. Relevant technologies needed to achieve integration across all domains will be highlighted in achieving information superiority and domination of the EMS including SIGINT applications.

Multi-Domain Test and Evaluation

The challenges around domain-integrated T&E are presented with emphasis on new technologies including AI/ML and ‘big data’ requirements and solutions addressing multi-domain systems.

Current Threat Analysis and Lessons Learnt

The session will present an analysis of the current technologies and systems deployed by the Russians in Ukraine with a particular focus on the use of the EMS for achieving military objectives. Lessons learnt can include suggested strategies, technologies and possible countermeasures. 

Advanced Technologies in EW and Cyber Across All Domains

The session includes topics on the resilience of new technological solutions in EW and Cyber as well as quantum computing applications, high power microwave and laser system applications. The focus is on concepts and solutions that address pan-domain applications.