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PLATH Intelligence Day

PLATH Intelligence Day

Every year, PLATH hosts 'Intelligence Day', a *free-to-attend all day session for visitors and exhibitors on day zero of AOC Europe.

Please note: The 2024 agenda will be updated shortly.


PLATH is an international supplier of high-performance software and integrated systems for data-driven crisis prevention. The portfolio covers the entire reconnaissance cycle and has proven its worth in operations worldwide. It is a family-run company, a member of the PLATH Group and helps customers to fulfil their security assignments.

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If you have specific questions about the Intelligence Day or would like to receive previous presentation slides, please contact the PLATH Events team.

Programme Topics for our previous edition

Session 1 - Joint land-based and airborne intelligence in context of ISR

Improving the real-time situational awareness and identifying threats early on while protecting your own troops as well as civilians are challenging objectives in tactical operations. A rapid evaluation of communication and a complete overview help to expand your advantage and support sound decision making in time-critical situations – even in mobile contexts. With the combination of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities of land-based systems with air-based systems (e.g. UAVs) new possibilities evolve to provide a real-time situation-awareness for troops operating in the area of interest

By having a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities inside this domain, it becomes necessary also to talk about how to link the battlefield with tactical 5G networks, as well as the derivation from federated mission networking (FMN) for multi domain operations or how land-based operations can be supported from space. Finally, we would be happy if you share your thoughts with us regarding the challenges and chances for those in the concluding panel discussion.

Session 2 - Naval intelligence scenarios

The precise reconnaissance and evaluation of signals in the electromagnetic spectrum and obtaining a complete situational picture are challenging tasks inside naval operations: rapidly detecting signals while also complying with the respective maritime boundaries is essential. To provide a maximum of detection for a wider field of view for situational awareness to maximises the early warning time, a smart combination of high precisive sensors as well as well-balanced platform integration is a must.

For example, first-class dynamic range communications intelligence (COMINT) receivers minimising the time for submarines to operate at periscope depth. In parallel, relevant signals can be detected, recorded and processed in real time – far beyond the line of sight – even in such short collection times. This encourages comprehensive situational awareness and guarantees rapid alarming and appropriate reaction as soon as a threat is detected. We´ll have a look at different naval surveillance and reconnaissance scenarios touching R-ECM and other related topics. We´d be happy if you join our panel discussion after this session where we sum things up.

Session 3 - A look into the future of the intelligence domain

… and how innovative technologies might change this field.

As in many areas where technology is constantly evolving, the field of intelligence and surveillance is also constantly changing. Thus, complexity is increasing as well and interdependencies are growing. To keep up with this rapid evolution, we need to be ahead of the curve and anticipate what might be coming in the years ahead. This includes understanding how research can help us and what impact different developments might have on users, workflows and providers.

In the last session of the day, we will contribute to this insight with presentations that will focus on future topics and stimulate the exchange of ideas. Accordingly, we would like to invite you to share your thoughts and draw a picture of the future together with us in the panel discussion.