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PLATH Intelligence Day

PLATH Intelligence Day

Every year, PLATH hosts 'Intelligence Day', a *free-to-attend all day session for visitors and exhibitors on day zero of AOC Europe.

Programme Topics for 2024:

  • Session 1: Software Defined Defence
  • Session 2: Artificial intelligence in the intelligence cycle

Please note: The 2024 agenda will be updated shortly.



PLATH is an international supplier of high-performance software and integrated systems for data-driven crisis prevention. The portfolio covers the entire reconnaissance cycle and has proven its worth in operations worldwide. It is a family-run company, a member of the PLATH Group and helps customers to fulfil their security assignments.

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If you have specific questions about the Intelligence Day or would like to receive previous presentation slides, please contact the PLATH Events team.

Understanding the programme topics:

Topic 1: Software-defined defence

Software-defined defense (SDD) is a revolutionary concept in defense technology that tries to break the link between hardware and asset capabilities. It involves the abstraction and virtualization of hardware resources, breaking them down into modular units that act as software modules. These modules can be combined and updated as needed, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to changing threats or missions.

SDD offers numerous advantages, including faster response times to new threats, more efficient resource use, cost reduction, and room for innovation. However, it also poses challenges, such as ensuring security and integrity to avoid vulnerabilities.

Additionally, the switch to SDD requires adaptation of organizational structures and processes from supplier and user site to fully profit from its benefits. Despite these challenges, SDD is a comprehensive paradigm shift that might fundamentally change the way we design and use Intelligence systems. Experts will discuss the implementation, benefits, and challenges of SDD addressing the technological developments shaping this new era in technology.

Topic 2: Artificial intelligence in the intelligence cycle

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the intelligence cycle is a significant advancement in the way intelligence organizations collect, analyze, and interpret information. Advanced analytics technologies based on machine and deep learning enable seamless human-machine collaboration. AI analysis technologies process large amounts of data in near real time, recognizing patterns and correlations that are difficult for human analysis to access. Machine and deep learning algorithms play a central role in this by learning from experience and improving their performance over time. Automated data evaluation is a key aspect of AI-supported intelligence, allowing for efficient extraction of relevant information from different sensors. AI systems serve as supporting tools for human decision-makers, providing accurate and readily available insights throughout the intelligence cycle.

However, challenges remain, such as ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive information. Experts will provide first-hand insights into the technological aspects of integrating AI into the intelligence cycle, offering detailed case studies and discussions on the challenges and successes of implementing AI in intelligence work.