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Erzia Success Story


Why should you come to AOC Europe? Hear from Erzia

We reached out to our clients who return year-on-year to find out what makes them keep coming back.

Not sure whether you should visit or exhibit at AOC Europe 2024? Hear from Erzia on their experience at the previous edition and visit their stand at E37 in Norway next year.

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What brings you to the show every edition, and why is it an important part of your event calendar?

  • AOC Europe is an important event for ERZIA to exhibit because of the quality of attendees, which allows us to expand our network, see our customers, and meet new leads
  • The conference is also a significant aspect that helps us get the pulse of the EW industry and identify future trends


What will be the focus of your company's presence at AOC Europe 2024?

  • ERZIA has grown exponentially in the past few years, and we have established ourselves as key suppliers for EW systems. Our heritage and reliability have brought us here and we will continue to bring new COTS products and highlight our custom-made Integrated Assemblies.
  • Who else comes to our shows? Take a look at the list of exhibiting companies who attended our 2023 edition.


Innovation AOC

"ERZIA is thrilled to exhibit at AOC Europe again in 2024 and showcase our latest EW solutions. We have expanded our manufacturing facilities to double production output and expedite product delivery."

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