Submission Process


What are we looking for?

The organisers welcome online submissions on this website until the deadline of Tuesday 31 January 2023.

Authors should submit high-quality abstracts of 100 words. Each abstract is expected to contain the following information as a minimum:

  • Paper Title and name of speaker
  • Company, Academic or Government affiliation of speaker
  • Session Theme
  • Details of the presentation and compliance to the overall conference theme and to the requirements of a specific session
  • Uniqueness and benefits of the technology, concept or system

Need assistance with writing a strong topic title? Click here. All presentations will be made available to event delegates after the event ends. If there are specific reasons why an accepted paper should not be distributed, the speaker must write to the event organisers stating the reasons for the same as soon as possible.


Please note: Product briefings are not acceptable and the conference chairman reserves the right to stand down any presentation that does not conform to this requirement. All speaker applications are assessed and either accepted, or rejected, by the AOC Europe conference committee. You will be contacted by Dr. Bob Andrews, AOC Director Global Conferences.

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