Sue Robertson

Sue Robertson

AOC International Region 1 Director, AOC

Dr Sue Robertson has worked in the field of Electronic Warfare for more than 25 years and has extensive experience of data analysis for airborne and ship ESM systems. She has developed flight trials programs and produced hundreds of reports on ESM performance issues. Sue has also developed software for ESM testing and techniques for extracting data from flight trials for the population of ELINT databases. She has presented papers and chaired sessions at international conferences on Electronic Warfare.

Sue has contributed evidence to UK Parliamentary Committees on subjects such as Maritime Reconnaissance and Security issues and has acted as an advisor on ISTAR matters to the UK Commons Defence Select Committee. She has a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics from University College London and an MBA from City University and is currently working for EW Defence Ltd, is a Director of the UK AOC Chapter and has recently been elected to the main board of the AOC as International Region 1 Director.