Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Senior Fellow, UK MOD DE&S
Graduated from Loughborough University in Aeronautical Engineering in 1979. For the next 10 years worked in the helicopter industry specialising in technologies to increase helicopter combat survivability, initially with Westland Helicopters in Yeovil followed by four years at Atlas Aviation (now Denel) in Johannesburg on the Rooivalk programme. Upon returning to the UK worked in motorsport principally involved with the manufacture of composite components for high-performance (Le Mans) racing cars. After 4 years joined the UK MOD at Farnborough and continued to work for the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (and predecessors) for the next 22 years in several roles developing significant expertise in the assessment of anti-air weapon lethality and aircraft vulnerability. In 2011 was seconded to the Helicopters Operating Centre within DE&S providing Science & Technology advice to the 2* director. During this period initiated multiple activities to determine NATO’s future requirements for medium multi-role rotorcraft and those technologies that would be key to delivery in the 2040 timeframe. After 5 years transferred to DE&S as Technology Team leader, where I continue to support NATO activities relating to the Next Generation Rotorcraft. I was elected as Vice-chair of NATO’s Joint Capability Group Vertical Lift in September 2020.