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Jürgen Ziegler

Jürgen Ziegler

Senior Technical Manager Information Fusion, IABG
Jürgen Ziegler is a Senior Technical Manager for Information Fusion at Industrieanlagenbetriebsgesellschaft mbH. He is a member of the department Competence Centers ISR.
His interests comprise the areas of Situational Awareness using methods of higher-level information fusion with applications in identification, Cyber Situational Awareness and reconnaissance. He is an expert in applications of Bayesian networks. One of the main issues of his work is model building with a focus on automatic generation of models, automatic generation of Bayesian Networks, assessment of the quality of knowledge models and ergonomic aspects of model generation. He is also working on the automatic generation of graphical models, which can be used for reasoning, from Enterprise Architectures. Another focus of his work is interoperability of data exchange and data fusion for situational pictures. He was one of the main authors of a STANAG about identification (STANAG 4162 Edition 3).