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Jonas Kjellén

Mr Jonas Kjellén

Military Analyst, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

Jonas Kjellén is an Analyst at FOI, and holds a M.Sc. in political science from Uppsala University. His main area of research is the Russian armed forces, with a focus on the Russian Navy.

English language FOI-publications include:

  • Russian Electronic Warfare. The role of EW in the Russian Armed Forces. (2018)
  • “The Armed Forces” (Ch 2) in Russian Military Capability in a Ten-Year Perspective – 2019.
  • The Russian Baltic Fleet – Organisation and role within the Armed Forces in 2020 (2021)
  • From Tartous to Tobruk: The Return of Russian Sea Power in the Eastern Mediterranean (2022: with Aron Lund)
  • Bringing the soldier back in – Russian military manning, manpower and mobilisation in the light of Russia’s war in Ukraine (2023)
  • “Attrition and regeneration: Russia’s Armed Forces at war” (Ch 5) in Russia’s War against Ukraine and the West: The First Year (2023; with Johan Norberg & Ismail Khan)

Other English language publications:

  • “The Russian Northern Fleet and the (Re)militarisation of the Arctic” (peer-review article published in Arctic Review on Law and Politics, Vol 13, 2022)