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Jeffrey Fischer

Jeffrey Fischer

Award Winning Author & Colonel (Retd) U.S. Air Force
United States
Colonel (R) Jeffrey H. Fischer is an exciting, up and coming author and analyst.  Over the past year, he's appeared numerous times in Newsweek, The Hill, The Kyiv Post, The Defense Post and Breaking Defense.  In the fiction realm, he penned the four part 'Curt Nover Thriller Series' (available on Amazon), weaving real world military experiences into his award winning writing.  He's also appeared numerous times as an expert TV news analyst on Turkish, Polish, Kosovar and other national outlets.  Jeff led an extremely diverse career, first flying both the EC-130H Compass Call and the EA-6B Prowler with considerable combat time in both airframes. Later, he served two tours at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Towards the end of his career, Jeff was a senior U.S. Diplomatic Defense Official at Embassies in Austria and Kosovo. His final assignment was a senior position at NATO Special Operations Headquarters in Belgium. He holds degrees from Indiana University, Air University, and National Defense University's Eisenhower School.  You can learn more about Jeff at