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Gernot Schwierz

Gernot Schwierz

Senior Program Manager Cyber Concepts and Operations, IABG, Germany
Gernot Schwierz was an officer in the Austrian Armed Forces for 32 years. His military career describes various command functions up to and including battalion commander, staff assignments in higher commands as well as in the Ministry of Defence. In senior positions, he was responsible for planning and management communications and information systems, electronic warfare and cyber security, both in peacetime and operations, both nationally and internationally. He holds two Master Degrees in technical studies. Since 2019, he has been employed by IABG CO as Senior Program Manager Cyber Concepts and Operations. There, he is responsible for the cyber portfolio of IABG´s business unit Defence and security, as well as leading and collaborating on Cyber- and EW related projects and studies. His interests comprise the areas of integrating cross-dimensional mission-cyber resilience approaches.