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Frode Ringdal

Lieutenant Colonel Frode Ringdal

Commanding Officer, Norwegian Electronic Warfare Centre (NEWC)

LtCol Ringdal started his military career as a jet engine technician in 1996, before entering the Air Force Material Command in 1999 as a flight engineer responsible for the flight system/rotor/ transmission/fuselage for the Sea King rescue helicopter. Ringdal entered his operational career in 2003 as an EW Officer (EWO) at the NEWC/717 Squadron. In the start he’s main responsibility was to operate the EW-equipment back in the DA-20 Falcon Jet for the dedicated missions together with the rest of the EWOs and crew. Ringdal then worked as the Squadron’s Training Officer before taking command of the EW-section at the Squadron. Total of approx. 3000 flying hours was logged on the DA-20. Ringdal started as a Project officer in 2014 at the NEWC in the section called Operational EW Support, responsible for coordinating implementation of new systems to the Air Force that required EW-reprogramming and -support. In 2016 Ringdal took command of that section, that also included Air Force EW-training for the Armed Forces and EW-education in the Air Force. In 2020 Ringdal started as an EW Staff Officer at the F-35 Branch of the Royal Norwegian Air Force Staff. In January 2022 Ringdal took command of the NEWC. As Commanding officer for NEWC Rindal hold the role as Norwegian HoD for NATO SG/2 participation. Ringdal has visited several AOCs, both in Europe and in Washington DC. This year will be the first as a speaker.
Civil education:
Bachelor of aeronautical engineering, 1993-1996
Military education:
Basic officer course, 1992-1993
Jet engine technician, 1996-1998
Air Force Academy, 1998-1999
EWO-qualification, 2003-2004
Command and Staff College, 2017-2018
Ranks held;
Sergeant, 1993-1997
Junior Lieutenant, 1997-2000
Senior Lieutenant, 2000-2008
Captain, 2008-2017
Major, 2017-2022
Lieutenant Colonel, 2022-