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Erik Bamford

Erik Bamford

Major, Norwegian Armed Forces & International 1 Region Director, AOC
Current position #1: Principle EWO for Norwegian Armed Forces - All services.
Current position #2: Director for International Region 1, Association of Old Crows.

28 years of military service, of which 22 years within electromagnetic warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Operations (EMO). Have operational experience with conventional EW capabilities within the Norwegian Army, was the leading EWO in the fight against improvised RC-threats, domestic and abroad for approximately 10 years. Served as Branch Head for EW in the Norwegian Army from 2009-2013. Have been an active member of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) EW Working Group, since the beginning in 2021. Have held the position as Principle EWO from 2013.   

10+ years of service to a wide array of NATO EW committees, EW working groups and EW staffing, including chairing NATOs C2 for EW functional requirements development, and trial manager for NATO's first live jamming - counter RC-IED event.