Ed Oates

Ed Oates

Research Student, Cranfield University
Ed trained as aircrew with the Royal Navy from 1980, becoming an instructor in 1987.  He has worked as a Trials Engineer for AgustaWestland, a Synthetic Environment specialist for the Royal Navy, and a training systems Procurement Officer with UK’s DE&S.  He’s been involved with training systems from the beginnings of specification, through development, test and acceptance to in-service support. Ed currently works as an Aircrew Instructor in the Merlin Mk2 Helicopter Simulator at RNAS Culdrose, UK.  He’s involved in training design, quality control and training delivery for anti-submarine warfare and the use of Radar, ESM, and EOIR. In his spare-time, he works with the Royal Naval Reserve as a Lieutenant-Commander with the Merlin Force Head Quarters.  The MOD’s renewed interest in War Gaming and Computer Gaming has seen drawn Ed in to support reviews of where they may be employed within training systems