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Comtech PST

Stand: C3
Comtech PST designs and manufactures solid-state high power amplifiers and RF/Microwave control components.  Amplifier products operate from 2MHz to 18GHz with output power levels to multi-kilowatts.  Control components products operate from 2MHz to 40GHz and multi-kilowatts power.

Our products are utilized in a variety of military and commercial applications such as electronic warfare, radar, IFF, military communications, SATCOM, datalinks, medical, and EMC/EMI testing.

All of Comtech PST’s products utilize the latest semiconductor technologies enabling us to continually expand and improve the performance of our products.  Comtech PST offers many standard amplifiers, control components, switches and limiters, additionally we also develop customized products to meet the customer’s unique program requirements. Our products are available as modules, integrated microwave assemblies or rack-mountable subassemblies.


United States

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