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Chora A/S

Stand: C10
Chora has been active within the field of satellite monitoring for more than 25 years and has brought a range of cutting-edge solutions to the market. We have deep knowledge within satellite intercept, deciphering, decoding and presentation of the intercepted product. Our solutions are marketed worldwide through our subsidiary in Germany, a network of local distributors and a limited number of close partners.
Chora is a privately-owned company and as such the development of the company is under our own control. We are a market-oriented organisation, which means that the development of new products is highly influenced by our customer base.
Chora delivers unique, advanced solutions to critical challenges and creates effective and user-friendly systems. 
We offer EW monitoring and localisation solutions and products suitable for a wide range of use cases.
Our solutions include advanced antennas, SDR-based sensors, integrated databases and intuitive user interfaces including GIS views.



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