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Stand: B2

ATDI supplies frequency assignment, spectrum management and monitoring solutions to defence, government, and security organisations. These flexible solutions exploit spectrum-dependent systems like communications links, electronic warfare sensors, radio jammers and radars. ATDI will showcase some of their military solutions: 

•    HTZ Warfare for tactical networks and the analysis of electronic warfare communications. HTZ produces highly resilient, self-forming tactical networks to meet the needs of today’s dynamic warfighter operations. HTZ models airborne, terrestrial, and maritime platforms and supports ground communications, air-to-ground and ground-to-air services.
•    SDRN Control to improve RF monitoring with a sensor network. SDRN Control improves data analysis and the efficiency of EW tasks. 
•    HTZ Automation to convert complex RF planning calculations into easy user-defined workflows. These automated functions can create transmission paths over different terrains & environments.


United Kingdom

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