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Stand: B25

Advai is a specialist in automated tooling and capabilities for Testing, Evaluating, Red Teaming and Assuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.  Our technology is key to determining whether modern AI is ready to deploy, by identifying strengths and weaknesses in AI systems.  

We provide this unique capability to our customers, enabling them to:
- Benchmark AI, e.g. for procurement or deployment purposes
- Red Team AI for susceptibility to Adversarial AI (next-gen threats of tricking, manipulating and deceiving AI systems)
- Identify strengths and weaknesses of AI being developed in-house or being procured
- Understand data requirements - how much data and of what quality is 'enough'?
- Monitor AI through development and post-deployment
- Determine whether systems abide by AI Principles (e.g. NIST AI Risk Management Framework, forthcoming AI Regulations, etc.)


United Kingdom

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