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Understanding the conference topics


Key focus areas:

1) Science & Technology

Submissions should consider: Current, emerging, and future trends in EW/Cyber/SIGINT/IO technologies, architecture, techniques including the use of machine learning/artificial intelligence

2) EW in the Field

Submissions should consider: Feedback from current deployment of EW and Cyber capabilities, operational units and multi-national operations

3) Conference Emphasis Topics

Submissions should consider:

  • Space EW in multi-domain operations
  • Hypersonic missiles threat and countermeasures
  • Multi-national alliances and collaborations
  • Drones in EW
  • EO/IR system requirements and capabilities in current conflicts
  • Navigation warfare
  • Electromagnetic Battle Management

More about the conference theme

Alliances between countries and collaboration across academia, industry and the military are essential elements in achieving the complex goals of multi-domain operations and its integration. How will AOC Europe 2024 address these challenges?

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