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AOC Europe 2023


NATO Air Survivability Enabling Mission Effectiveness and Joint Operations

17 May 2023
Theatre 1
Session 6 - Special Session Panel NATO Air Suvivability

1: Opening Address and Focus for NATO – Mark Elson, Chief Air Platform Survivability and Air Survivability Theme Lead, Dstl

2: UK Joint Electromagnetic Doctrine – Air Commodore Hugh Smith, Head of Doctrine, DCDC

3: NATO’s AEA and SEAD Roadmap: The Role of Industry – Alex DeFazio, Staff Office, Aerospace Capabilities, Defence Investment Division, NATO

4: NATO SG2 Delivering Operational Capabilities – Mark Threadgold, Dstl

5: NATO Low Cost EW Smart Defence Project – Air Commodore Blythe Crawford, Commandant Air and Space Warfare Centre

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