2020 agenda


Utility of RF Signals Constellation

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
When HawkEye 360 launched the first commercial satellites for identifying and geolocating radio frequency (RF) signals, the company introduced a new paradigm for a global, easily accessible and shareable source of signals data. Now that the satellites have been operating and generating data for over a year, it is the right time to assess the results.

This talk will describe the types and quality of the data being produced. Highlight the global and regional patterns of activity the data is revealing. And discuss a few specific case examples that illustrate the type of problems users are seeking to solve and how commercial signals data is enabling the resolution of those problems.

This talk will also preview the upcoming launch of next-generation satellites that will further extend on-orbit capabilities. The expanded constellation is expected to generate 20x the amount of data that was generated in the first year by the initial satellites. The large quantities of data will necessitate advanced data mining, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to extract high-order value.