2020 agenda


Trends in Communication Electronic Warfare

18 Nov 2020
Track 2
In our high technology lifestyle the ever higher demand in connectivity and multi-dimensional virtualisation combined with the disruptive trends of the fourth industrial revolution placed the EW & Cyber fraternity in a boon or bane situation to push the boundaries of technology.

The modern EW threat expanded rapidly to include not only the standard communication single ended signals but a wide infrastructure based communication networks that can range from trunked networks, cellular communication and cyber based radio IP networks. Communication channels are used for triggering RCIED devices, controlling drones and large scale propaganda is based on social media platforms. Collection, processing and protection have never been “threaten” from so many directions.

To dominate the symmetrical and asymmetrical threats will require a new way of thinking and combining technologies normally used in isolation. Dig data analytics and deployment of AI algorithms will be the basis of identifying intelligence trends.