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Gazing into the Crystal Ball – What will EWSI look like in the next decade?

17 Nov 2020
Track 1
We are living through the information age and war fighting is now a multidomain effort.  There are significant investments in information capabilities, but what does this mean for EWSI?  Network-centric/enabled warfare was the buzz word of the 90’s, however this revolution in military affairs may have allowed sensors to speak to shooters and a more informed OODA loop for the commander, but every platform/soldier was not a sensor.  Recently Maj Gen Jez Bennett discussed the advances in networked LAND platforms and that they are all highly capable sensors.  Why now, what has changed?  Technology comes in a smaller form factor, more processing power, ubiquitous connectivity, this has provided software defined radios that can be rerolled as an EMS ISR sensor, provide ECM(FP), or indeed provide some form of offensive cyber capability, all whilst being networked.  This is not the technology of tomorrow, it exists now and its adoption by the UK and other nations will change the role, structures and functionality of EWSI Regiments.  
Chris Fogarty, CO 14 Sig RHQ - British Army