2020 agenda


Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations at U.S. European Command

17 Nov 2020

This presentation describes the United States European Command’s (USEUCOM) progress toward implementing joint electromagnetic spectrum operations (JEMSO).  After defining JEMSO, it describes why electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) operations differ at the joint echelon of command when compared to more tactical formations, and USEUCOM’s unique JEMSO challenges and dependencies.  It outlines the establishment of the USEUCOM JEMSO Cell (JEMSOC), describing changes to staffing, process improvements, and ongoing system enhancements, before discussing emerging JEMSO products that USEUCOM expects will drive demand for new information exchanges both internally and with NATO.  The presentation concludes by describing tangible benefits already resulting from establishment of the USEUCOM JEMSOC, followed by a call-to-arms to address remaining gaps, including: modeling the electromagnetic operating environment (EMOE) at scale over time and sharing those EMOE models between NATO partners; overcoming security concerns related to sharing EMOE operational data; and improving access to realistic training in congested and contested environments.

Mark Haselden - The MITRE Corporation