2020 agenda


Pod-Mounted ASMD Evaluation Facility

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
The protection of warships against sea-skimming missiles is a fundamental element of naval electronic warfare. Both the tactics and the electronic countermeasures required to defeat the various types of radars used in the missile must be developed, tested and proven before their implementation and deployment.

One of the most realistic tests is to provide an airborne asset that mimics the missile movement and utilizes a countermeasure measurement system that is able to emulate the missile radar for transmitted signal, receiver and signal processing functionalities, and to analyze the effect of the protection countermeasure on the missile radar.

By taking advantage of an existing radar threat emulator and countermeasure evaluation system, a new technology has been developed based on a pod-mounted user-programmable radar threat emulator that provides this capability using a commercial jet that is able to fly at sea-skimming missile low altitudes. During the flight trial, the threat emulator and evaluation system generates realistic, complex missile acquisition and homing radars and provides effectiveness estimation of the countermeasures that are transmitted by the ship's jamming system.

The presentation examines the benefits and trade-offs of such technology in terms of test, training and evaluation and provides details of the radar generation system and the assessment capabilities of the countermeasures measurement system.
Andrea Volpi, President - ELDES s.r.l.