2020 agenda


Operational Complementarity of Electronic Warfare

17 Nov 2020
Track 1
Recent events and conflicts have highlighted a mutation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) use due to its proximity with the Cyberspace (CS). The rapid pace of technological change of both computer science and telecommunication science is thus confusing the evolution of Electronic Warfare (EW). This change has emerged slowly during the past decades and is now impacting the way we used to conceive and wage Electronic Warfare.

On the one hand, the proximity of the two domains seems more and more obvious in the modern telecommunication applications. In operations it is not rare to find a cyber-expert close to an electronic warfare expert. The doctrines are also bound to evolve and it is now quiet common to hear from Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) as if Spectrum and Cyberspace were only one domain.

On the other hand, the two domains tend to keep separated in the way we perceive, deal and organize ourselves with the new threats that they present. Subject matter experts who possess and fuse the expertise of the two domains are hard to find. They more often tend to keep their eyes away from the challenge of evolving towards a common trade.

Therefore, the goals of this presentation are to clarify:

• the convergence, divergence and overlapping perimeters of these two warfare spaces

• the challenges that EW is facing in terms of evolution, structure, equipment, doctrine

• the synergy that is induced and expected in the operational field where the efforts should be focused

Rather than providing certitudes, the author will try to present Rohde & Schwarz perception of the challenges to face and provide food for thought for the audience.
Luc Dondainas, Business Development - Rohde & Schwarz