2020 agenda


New Ultra Wideband Tech: The Good and the Bad

18 Nov 2020
Track 2
Receivers and signal sources with unprecedented bandwidths are beginning to appear on the market.  With bandwidths of many GHz, these new technologies make certain system architectures practical that have never been before, enabling continuous data capture, analysis, and signal generation in new ways.  These new technologies can be used to great advantage in EW and radar systems and in the systems that test them.  However, there is also a dark side to the story, and the laws of physics will not allow a one-size-fits-all system to be created.  This paper gives an overview of both, showing both the advantages and disadvantages of ultra-wide-band receivers and signal generators.

Key Lessons:
  1. New wideband hardware is now available as COTS equipment
  2. New architectures can be implemented that have certain advantages over the traditional way of doing things
  3. Wideband equipment has disadvantages also, such as noise levels and high data rates
  4. Designers can consider the use of these new technologies where applicable