2020 agenda


Low-SWaP Low-Cost CESM Force Multipliers

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
Project DORNHAI is PROCITEC's operations development initiative using a range of 3rd-party low-SWaP, low-cost commodity wideband receivers to enable fully automated proximity detection and threat warning of local V/UHF radio emissions in order to derive real-time Indications and Warnings in the maritime and littoral space.

What is the need? Due to non-availability in certain user-groups of suitably administered communications surveillance operatives, these user-groups are instead focusing toward the deployed-use of fully automatic wideband communications intercept capabilities which can classify, recognize and report the specific protocols of detected Signals-Of-Interest for Indications and Warnings, but which do not process signal content and therefore do not decode.

To satisfy these user-groups' needs, PROCITEC has initiated Project DORNHAI, which employs proprietary software algorithms to process only detected signals' external parameters to enable automatic recognition and reporting, but which do not prosecute signal content. Therefore, subject to specific user-groups' administrative considerations, the DORNHAI concept can be deployed as a fully-automated, standalone ‘no warrant required' capability for lawful use by general-service or specialist personnel as a communications threat-warner and proximity-detector, with the option to cross-cue to available Direction Finding and Geolocation sub-systems.

During the AOC EW 2020 event, Chris will guide the Audience through these developments and operational considerations for deploying these capabilities as standalone, low-SWaP, fully automatic communications surveillance force-multipliers for use by general-service and specialist personnel during maritime and littoral operations.

For practical demonstration of automatic detection, recognition and protocol-specific alerting of Signals-Of-Interest in the conference hall during the event, Chris will use a range of 3rd-party low-SWaP low-cost commodity wideband receiver models, and live V/UHF targets including satellite telephones/Internet-Protocol terminals, improvised wireless triggers, digital speech handsets and simulated emergency radio-beacons.
Chris Slack, Field Operations Specialist - PROCITEC GmbH