2020 agenda


Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Passive Picture

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
A-cappella – is a holistic approach to optimizing passive air surveillance technologies and integrating them into a unified operational method. Just like in an A-cappella choir where every voice is heard, the A-cappella model combines passive radar (Passive Coherent Location technology), COMINT ELINT, and EO systems and focuses on covertly “listening” and detecting 360° long-range aerial emitting and non-emitting targets even in cluttered environments, making sure every threat is heard. This capability provides persistent surveillance over an entire airspace, detecting anomalies as they occur, and tracking potential targets as soon as they appear. 

Having different sensors work in harmony is a key component of the A-cappella model. But as important is maximizing on the sensors' data output. Rapidly extracting vital information such as classification and identification and displaying it in a coherent and unified manner truly exploits the advantage of a fully integrated solution.