2020 agenda


How Can You Dominate an Unknown Spectrum?

18 Nov 2020
Track 2
The EW operational scenario has become very challenging.  The whole spectrum is saturated with electromagnetic signals: Radars, communications, military systems and hostile civilian-like transmissions immersed in plenty of background emissions.  Spectrum dominance of this dense and environment is a great challenge.

But what happens when the signals of interest are unknown?  Systems may operate in covert low-probability of intercept (LPI) modes using weak and complex transmissions as counter-measure mechanisms.  Since all modern equipment is software-defined, the waveforms, behavior and mechanisms can be promptly modified and a-priori unknown.  Do we know the threatening emissions?  Do we have their type and parameters?  How can we detect a weak complex signal without knowing its waveform?  Can we distinguish a threat from background?  Can we associate and track a dynamic threat?  How can you manage and dominate an unknown spectrum?

The huge challenge calls for a new approach in all system levels.  The significant progress in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enables such an approach:  A new generation of sensors that are open yet highly sensitive, system processing and content investigation for classification & association and AI-supported synergy & analysis to provide actionable intelligence.  The new options will be further elaborated in the presentation.  Integration of all AI-based levels may solve the challenge of tackling the unknowns of the spectrum.