2020 agenda


Geo-Location of RF Emissions

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
Following lecture is discussing approaches for on-the-move and on-the-halt situations, as well as for fixed installations (24/7): stationary, semi-stationary, as well as highly mobile solutions based on autonomous analyzers and/or interactive systems architecture: Sensor (RF receiver) – Server – Client for TDoA. Enhanced capabilities are offered by combination of algorithms for AoA and TDoA (hybrid geo-location) - complementary solutions offering better area coverage and signal detection, as well as increase of measurement uncertainty (MU).

Further functions, such as on-board spectrum monitoring with auto-emission detection, further triggering of multiple RX sensors for collaborative bearings by a master unit (by Python programming), integrated signal classification / demodulation / decoding and data export for decryption/deciphering are contributing to highly autonomous measurement scenarios: from simple tasks to sophisticated missions.             
Juergen Gehrig - Narda Safety Test Solutions GmbH