2020 agenda


EA Challenges in Present and Future OP Scenarios

18 Nov 2020
Track 1
The proliferation of advanced long-range Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS), incorporating systems that operate in different frequency bands and can attack aircraft at very long ranges, create Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) areas. The main task of the EA assets is to enable safe access to air forces to these A2/AD areas. The main objective for these Electronic Attack assets is to create a safe bubble for aircrafts.

Current operational need includes:
  • Capabilities for detection and location in dense scenario including multiple communication signals simultaneously with radar threads.
  • Very high ERP
  • Smart DRFM capabilities to perform flexible and advances ECM techniques.
  • High POI (probability of intercept) simultaneously with high sensitivity to deal with modern complex radars, LPI or LPE.
  • High performances for parametric measurement, extended capabilities as intrapulse measurement and data recording for SIGINT operation.
  • Lower and upper frequency extension
  • Network integration for collaborative operation between multiple EW assets.
  • Configurable and flexible algorithms to adapt the evolving scenario.

Some of the technological responses for this new scenario are:
  • GaN for high power generation.
  • AESA architecture.
  • Wideband digital reception and wideband digital to analog conversion