2020 agenda


Advances in Specific Emitter Identification

17 Nov 2020
Track 2
In future, programmable and cognitive radars that can rapidly change their transmission parameters become more common. It is challenging or perhaps impossible to maintain long-term ESM/ELINT databases for these types of radars. In addition, electromagnetic environment becomes more crowded and transmission parameters (RF, PW, PRI) of different emitter types overlap more and more making conventional emitter identification methods obsolete.

In specific emitter identification (SEI), unique emitters are identified by their individual properties that arise from small variation in their hardware. The possibility to study unique emitter characteristics from real data is inevitable, since modeling and simulation of the phenomenon may give misleading results. In this talk, we describe how SEI process is carried out using a high performance ELINT system such as ARIS and show results on applying SEI in aircraft transponders.