2020 agenda


A Study on Quantum Radar Countermeasures

18 Nov 2020
Track 2
With the advances of quantum physics, a second quantum revolution is currently underway with the age of development of quantum technologies, such as quantum computer, quantum communication, quantum imaging, and quantum radar. Quantum radar is a promising technology that would provide the ability to sense objects in a new way. If it is successfully developed, quantum radar should achieve better detection and tracking performances than that of the conventional radar. It is claimed that quantum radar via entangled photons could overcome stealth technologies and might be resistant to advanced forms of radar jamming. Historically, the competition between radar and electronic warfare has been like a game of chess. Every move is met with an adversary's move. Therefore, it is time to consider the development of countermeasures that can be taken against quantum radar. In this presentation, firstly, the basic principles of the quantum physics are discussed, which include waves and particles, quantum superposition, and quantum entanglement. Secondly, the definition and key features of quantum radar are introduced. Three types of the quantum radar − single-photon quantum radar, interferometric quantum radar, and quantum illumination radar − are briefly introduced and evaluated. Thirdly, based on the evaluation, some thoughts on methodological countermeasures will be offered through the analysis of the bottleneck and challenges of quantum radar. Fourthly, several recent findings from research studies within this area will be reviewed briefly and the goals of our research will be sketched. Finally, some specific recommendations for further research, partially backed up by this research study, are presented and discussed.